Information Technology Consultancy Service

Information Technology Consultancy Service

Perfect for One-Off Projects and Migrations

Service Scope

This Service's scope is set by the client, on a per-project or per-job basis, but is for clients who:

• Require Email Migrations or Setup
Asperger Media can migrate your emails from or to Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and cPanel Mail, as well as hosted emails from other providers such as Crazy Domains. We work by setting you up directly with either Google, Microsoft, or a web hosting provider of your choice. We will not provide ongoing billing, however, can provide management services for your email, as well as continued support for the Microsoft Suite or Google Apps suite through our Ad-Hoc Support Service.

• Require a Website Migration
Asperger Media can migrate your website to a new web host. We recommend a web host, or you can tell us who you've chosen, and we can perform the migration for you.

• Have an Information Technology Project they want completed
Asperger Media works with all businesses, no matter their size. We have expertise that may come in handy in projects, either with us running the project, or us as part of the project. We work to find the best solution, irrespective of anything other than your needs, and available budget.

How It Works

Step 1: Get Referred or Approach Us Directly

Asperger Media Pty Ltd works by referral, as well as by new clients contacting us directly. Where we get referred work, we generally do a phone call or meeting with the referring agency and then get in touch with you.

If you're referring work to us, we ask that you contact us in advance, so that when your client phones us, we are prepared.

General Timeframe: Up to 1 Week

Step 2: Initial Scoping Consultation

Once we have our details from the referring agency, where applicable, we will organise a free initial consultation with you, or a representative from your company. This consultation is to set out a scope of works that need to be completed, organise a contact person within your business who will handle our communications and issues, if we have any, and to establish if Asperger Media Pty Ltd are a good fit for you and your business.

Consultation Length: Up to 1 Hour

Step 3: Our Preperations

After your free initial consultation, Asperger Media Pty Ltd will commence the process of setting up our contracts and organising time to work on your case. This is the step we commence from if you're an existing client and require more work, as well.

General Timeframe: Up to 1 Week

Step 4: Contract Signing

When we've finalised your contract, and any proposals that might be required, we will email your contract and proposal to you to sign. You may choose to sign this contract electronically (preferred), or you can print it, sign it, scan it and send it back to us. We will then co-sign the contract, and send you the fully signed contract. Work can now begin.

General Timeframe: Up to 3 Days

Step 5: Work Commences

After the contracts are signed, we're ready to begin working on your work. We may require contact with you throughout this process.

General Timeframe: Varies depending on complexity, and our workload

Service Pricing

Affordable, Expert Information Technology Assistance - On Call for you. Imagine that!

$132.00 per hour, within standard business hours
Regular business hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney time.

$184.80 per hour, outside standard business hours
Rate charged for any work outside of regular business hours, at a 40% surcharge. Includes weekends and public holidays.

Billed in 15 minute blocks, min charge $33.00/15 mins or $46.20/15 mins if outside business hours.
Our billable blocks are broken down as follows:

Disbursements and Travel Charges may be billed to you at cost, as required, throughout the project..
Disbursements, by way of example, may include:

You will only pay for the time we spend, and the disbursements required, while we are working on your job.
Asperger Media bills on a time-based period, when we complete work for you. If we don't work for you, or on your project, we will not bill you.
We do not, and will not, charge you for initial consultations.