About Asperger Media

our story

Asperger Media Pty Ltd was registered in March 2018. Before Asperger Media, Ben worked as a web developer in a small company in the Inner West of Sydney. Not pleased with how IT Companies treat their customers and their employees, Ben decided it was time to do something.

In mid-2017, Ben was accepted into a business program, named the Young Entrepreneur Program. The program was run by BREED Australia and Set2Learn. Asperger Media was registered as a result of Ben's successful completion of the program.

our values

At Asperger Media, our clients are our first priority. Without our clients, we aren't a business. Our values drive who we are and how we interact with our clients. They are:

we will respond to all correspondence

Whether you phone or email us, we will respond to you with, at the very least, a preliminary answer by the end of the next business day.

we will work with your existing IT

Asperger Media is not a 'managed service provider', and we have no intent or desire to 'onboard' you to a standard set of systems to make our lives easier.

we love a challenge

Asperger Media specialises in unusual and weird problems that other IT providers don't want to touch. We love a challenge, and won't turn you away because your issue is too hard.

we will be honest, and maintain integrity and professionalism

Asperger Media will not lie to our clients, or otherwise obfuscate information. We have an obligation to you to be as honest as we can, and as upfront as we can. You have a right to know what we are doing with your computers, or any projects we are working on for you. We will explain everything we do, and we will place it in writing.

frequently asked questions

what offers do you have for new clients?

For our new clients, we offer our first consultation for free. This consultation allows us to gauge what requirements you've got and allows you to ask any questions of us. We generally don't provide support or services within our free consultation unless by prior arrangement.