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Asperger Media envisions a world where Autistic People are valued contributors to society at large and where they can work and live in a free and open society. We are dedicated to this goal.

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The team at Asperger Media are here to help you.

Ben Cousins - Managing Director

Ben Cousins

Managing Director

Ben Cousins is the Managing Director of Asperger Media Pty. Ltd. He has full operational oversight over day-to-day activities and works hard to ensure that people with autism are able to see what’s going on in the world around them.

Ben has previously sat on the board of BREED Australia, a Charity and Business Incubator based at the Nirimba Education Precinct at Quakers Hill, with an additional facility in Temora, NSW.

Ben professionally trained in Information Technology at TAFE, NSW, and still tinkers with computers in his spare time. He has experience in Website Development, Server Administration, Systems Administration, and can (and has) diagnose(d) a computer 16,000km away without even touching it.

For his Diploma Systems Administration project, Ben commissioned a Voice over IP system in his house, utilising Cisco IP telephones. Cisco Phones tend to not play nice with conventional VoIP, but they work absolutely fine in his house. He can manage your VoIP system.

Ben is a keen rail enthusiast and photo journalist, who works to document the goings-on of the Sydney rail network.

You can contact Ben at Twitter, Linkedin, or by Email