Our Terms and Policies

Our Terms and Policies

Listed below, are a summary of our terms and policies, and non-specific Customer Service Contracts.

These contracts may vary based on the scope of work required. If you're an existing client, we recommend referring to your contract.

Terms of Service Summary

Last Update: 30 August, 2023

For further information, details about the scope of work, and specifics relating to your contract, please read your contract.


At Asperger Media, we try to resolve your Information Technology issues in a timely manner, where possible. To make this process seamless, we require that our clients sign our Customer Services Contracts before any work commences. These contracts work to ensure that you know your rights when working with us.

Contract Validity

Our Ad-Hoc Support Customer Services Contract is valid for 12 months from the date of signature. We ask that, if you wish to discontinue using our services, you give us two weeks (14 calendar days) notice. This will allow us time to finalise work that we may have in progress for you.

Our Information Technology Consultancy Service Customer Services Contract is valid from the date of signature, until work listed in the scope (Section 3) of the contract is completed, or deemed by us as unable to be completed. The time that this takes can vary.

Engaging a new IT Provider

Where you wish to engage a new IT provider, and you, or the new IT Provider, wish for Asperger Media Pty Ltd to provide a proper handover, we may charge $220.00 inc. GST to cover our costs in extracting your documentation to hand to the new IT Provider, and to conduct a proper handover. This fee is payable in advance of us providing the information to the new IT Provider. Without payment, any notes and documentation we take in relation to your environment is considered our Intellectual Property, and will not be provided to either you, or to your IT Provider.

Early Contract Termination

You, The Client, may cancel your contract with us at any time, for any reason, with 14 calendar days notice. You will be required to pay for any outstanding invoices, and we can invoice you for work we need to finish off, or tie up, during the fourteen-day notice period; additionally, if you want us to do a handover, we can charge $220.00 inc. GST for that service, as per the above paragraph. You will also be required to pay for any services we render for you within the fourteen (14) day notice period, as well as work we've completed but not yet invoiced.

We, Asperger Media Pty Ltd, may cancel your contract with us at any time, immediately, with no notice, but only where:

  • We believe that you have not contacted us in good faith, or have otherwise requested we break the law on your behalf;
  • We believe that you have engaged in illegal or unconscionable conduct in your dealings with us;
  • You've requested we withdraw an invoice, except where we have legitimately made a mistake in the issuing of the invoice, for example, using the wrong date, billing the wrong client, or charging you an amount different to that in your contract;
  • You have chosen to engage a new IT Provider or Managed Services Provider, without our written consent;
  • You've repeatedly failed to respond to our correspondence in a reasonable timeframe;
  • You and/or your company engages in conduct that does, or may, cause you to be involved in a Multilevel Marketing (or MLM) company;
  • You are more than 80 days late in paying an invoice, or you otherwise withhold money from us for work we have completed, except where an agreement is in place;
  • You've been needlessly hostile or otherwise agressive with Asperger Media Pty Ltd or our staff, or have otherwise made us or our staff feel unsafe at any point.

Where either You, The Client, or We, Asperger Media Pty Ltd cancel the contract, We, Asperger Media Pty Ltd will still invoice for work completed until the date of contract termination (up to 14 days later, in the case of a client termination, and up to the time we notify you of contract termination if Asperger Media Pty Ltd terminate the contract), on our next billing cycle.

Invoicing Terms

In summary, Asperger Media Pty Ltd invoice our clients for work completed during that week on the Friday of that week. Invoices are generated with a 14 day due date.

For the Information Technology Consultancy Service, this service is billed at $132.00 per hour, inclusive of GST, in 15 minute blocks.

For the Ad-Hoc Support Service, this service is billed at $132.00 per hour, inclusive of GST, in 15 minute blocks.

Our billable blocks are broken down as follows:

  • Billables that are 0-22 minutes in length are billed at 15 minutes.
  • Billables that are 23-37 minutes in length are billed at 30 minutes.
  • Billables that are 38-52 minutes in length are billed at 45 minutes.
  • Billables that are 53-67 minutes in length are billed at 60 minutes.
  • Billables that are more than 67 minutes in length will continue to accrue charges based on a continuation of this table.

In some cases, work conducted under the Ad-Hoc Support Service may be eligible for the first seven minutes of work for the day being free of charge. Where this is the case, we will not bill if your work takes us less than seven minutes to complete. This is designed for times when you might want to ask us a question or we need to quickly verify an email is junk. Work that is longer than seven minutes will be billed as per the table listed above.

In all cases, a discretional policy applies to our billings. You may find that we don't provide an invoice for some work we complete, regardless of our contract with you.

Financial Hardship

If, at any point, you experience financial hardship, it's important to advise us as soon as possible. We will work with you to ensure you can still operate, can still access our services, and that our bills still get paid.

We invoice on 14 day terms. We generally expect prompt payment for our invoices, but if you're experiencing financial hardship, we will work with you on a payment plan. A payment plan is required to be upheld, and if you legitimately forget or make a mistake, we can re-negotiate the payment arrangement up to three times.

While a payment plan is in place, any restriction we place on our services for nonpayment will be suspended, and we will continue to work for you.

Travelling Reimbursements

It is expected that, should Asperger Media Pty Ltd staff need to travel to a client, The Client will reimburse any travel. Asperger Media Pty Ltd books all flights and accomodation for our staff, with no exceptions, and will pass these costs onto the client on their next invoice date. Management will fly Qantas Business Class, where possible, and anciliary staff will fly Qantas Economy Class, unless a Qantas flight is unavailable. Asperger Media Pty Ltd exclusively book Accor hotels with non-budget Ibis being preferred.

Transfers to and from The Airport, the booked hotel and the clients' office will be charged to the client. This may include the cost of a Gatepass Fee in Sydney, and an uber or taxi in other cities, dependent on availability.

For travel by car, outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area (as bound within the contracts) Asperger Media Pty Ltd may charge the current rate listed by the ATO (currently $0.85/km).

If we deem it unsafe, infeasible, or impossible to travel back to Sydney within the same day, the client will be responsible, in addition to paying for hotel charges, for paying a flat rate of $66.00 per day, or part thereof, to cover meal expenses.

Privacy Policy

For information on our Privacy Policy, please see Our Privacy Policy, or your Customer Services Contract.