COVID Lockdown Closedown

we're currently closed

As you've probably heard in the news, Sydney is currently under a COVID lockdown. It's not the news we were after, but it's the news we got. Because of this, Asperger Media has had to make some hard decisions about how we do work in the next few weeks.

we hope the lockdown ends so we can re-open soona

Until we're able to re-open we are not accepting any new clients. We generally like to provide a service above-and-beyond for our customers and it is not possible for us to do this while we aren't able to come see you, or have you come and see us. The decision was made, therefore, to close down completely during the initial two week lockdown. As the lockdown has extended, we've taken this time to... recoup, and come up with new ways to help you out.

existing clients

We are accepting calls and emails from our existing clients. We will do our best to help you out - remote support only - during the Sydney lockdown.

a as there is currently no forecast for the lockdown in Sydney to cease, we are not yet aware of when we will reopen.