asperger potential

A new way to get started in your life!

autism mentoring tailored around you

Asperger Potential works hard to give people on the Autism Spectrum a head-start in post-school life. Getting a job, starting a business, your next step.

why you?

We’re Autistic as well. We know how hard it is. We want the best for you. We want to get you off Newstart/Disability Support Pension, and we want you to do what you do best and get paid for it. We don’t believe in staying on pensions forever. Nobody should need to be at the mercy of the government forever.

jobs are hard

We know. We’ve been there. Interviews are scary. We sweat too. We can help you with your interviews.

i think i’d do better as a business

That’s great. We can help you with starting a business, and help you out with how you should maintain your business